Isle of Storm

The first place you visited once a new character is created, is Isle of Storm. You will need to complete 3 tasks before you can proceed to the next stage:

  1. Find the mirror to customise character.
  2. Find the oracle and choose the starting town based on your starting virtue. Recommendation is: Path of Love, Soltown  (click to see map)
  3. Find the moongate to exit the island

Oceania (click to see map) is located near Soltown, please join our discord and get these following starter kit:

  1. a set of armor and weapon.
  2. a set of gold engraved farming kit: pickaxe (ores), skinning knife (hide/leather), sickle (cottons)

Skill Training

Please join a group hunt as it will greatly improve your chance of surviving and gaining experience points to skill up. Popular skilling grounds are:

  1. Deep Ravenswood (click to see map)
  2. Craig Foothills (click to see map)
  3. ..

Resource Farming

Farming in mines require sufficient skill to survive against the dungeon mobs. Popular mining places are:

  1. For copper ores and silver ores: Verdantis Mines (click to see map)
  2. For gold ores: Elsyum Mines (click to see map)
  3. For iron ores: Crag Mines (click to see map)

Artifact Farming